The actual writing

So, I’ve written about 5 chapters now – including, funnily enough, the last chapter (which is subject to change).

Having spent time getting the story arcs sorted for each of the three novels has been a tremendous help. Also, writing character descriptions for the main characters has been very helpful.

The actual writing is going well enough, though I’d like to be a bit further along by now. How in the world do you just keep your head down and not get distracted? I’m finding anything can be a distraction, from a phone call to a piece of lint. It’s irritating.

I guess I need to just keep pushing myself and take on some of the discipline I have in my (other) professional life. This is, after all, a job like any other. Just one that requires intense periods of focus.

Let’s see how far I get by the next post.

  • Brian, it’s great to see this website and know that you’re writing. I wish you great inspiration and diligence to write to life those characters that need to be written. Blessings, Chris