Novel update and a contribution

Am now nearly 25,000 words into the first novel of the trilogy I’m working on. Once again work intervened, but am now back on track and writing.

I took some time in the last month to go through all of the story lines I’ve developed over the last ten or so years, and clear them up to see how my ideas I had for novels – credible ideas. Turns out, there are 13 in total. Though the novel I am working on now is more horror – a genre I’m not used to reading or writing – the rest are all crime/spy thriller genres.

I’ll try to keep track of progress here going forward, and intend to publish some of the short fiction and poetry I’ve written over the years. Don’t panic – though the short fiction and poetry have more of a literary focus, it seems my novel-length work is purely focused around horror, crime and spy thrillers.

Read my first contribution, a poem entitled Herring Cove, 1997.