About me

I began my career as an engineer designing mobile and long distance telecommunications networks. I fell into digital in 1994, and picked up a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing along the way. Since then, I’ve spent my time understanding and unpicking user experiences. Having worked predominantly in the digital space, my work encompasses aspects of my engineering, design and writing skills and capabilities.

Today I find myself working across a mix of service, organisational and UX design, re-orienting design functions to work in more agile environments, delivering intelligence into the design function, and building teams that learn to deliver more harmoniously together. Regardless of method, function, models or structures, it will be the people involved — and how they work together — that drive success across any design function.

I’m comfortable consulting to c-suite and board level, have delivered re-structures to teams of 200+, most recently completing the re-structure of a 60-person digital customer experience team, delivering a more collaborative function within a large UK mobile organisation. I have worked across many sectors and organisations, sized from start-up to enterprise. I’ve been called an “intrepreneur” by people who have worked with me as I bring a positive, experienced, start-up style spirit to the work I do, and always focus on delivering value to my clients and their Customers.