Engineer. Storyteller. Designer.

I’m a Director-level Digital Product and Service Design Consultant, who works collaboratively with people and organisations to understand and solve problems, educate, learn and discover new opportunities. I get the importance of method, blending business and customer needs, collaboration, and team leadership.

I’ve worked with c-suite and to board level, have founded and run design agencies in the US and UK, have deep knowledge of working in digital over the last 20+ years, and bring a broad and deep set of digital, design and strategic experiences to my work. I’ve worked in, built, re-structured and led design, research and digital customer experience teams of up to 60 people, and helped re-structure a 280-person digital customer experience team.

Capabilities I’ve led include UX Design, Service Design, UI Design, Copywriting, Content Production, Design Research, Design and Research Operations, Optimisation, Insight, Traffic and Digital Project Management, and Front-end Development.

I promote data and customer driven design. I take an end-to-end holistic journey-based approach, and have extensive knowledge and experience of design and delivery ways of working. I’ve worked in start-ups and Enterprise-scale organisations, and have worked in some of the largest transformation programmes in the UK and globally. I’ve worked in many different sectors, and believe that multi-disciplinary teams bringing cross-sector experiences are able to tackle challenges and problems from many different perspectives and views.

I’m an aspiring novelist, currently working on my first novel. I’ve published short fiction, and have previously written and published short stories and poetry.

I’m originally from New York (the state, not the city, though not far from it), have worked all over NY (including NYC), Boston, and London where I currently reside. I hold US and UK passports.