Do UX tools help or hinder?

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For me UX has always been about contact with real people in the process of collaboration, workshops, design, prototyping, testing and iteration. Which is why lately I’ve been thinking about the growing reliance UX has on tools like Axure in our day-to-day work. I’ve been around long enough to watch UX grow from an adjunct… Continue reading Do UX tools help or hinder?

Are UX roles becoming multi-disciplinary?

Back in the early days of digital there were far fewer roles than there are today. You basically had people selling for the agencies, project managing, designing and writing content, and building. Life was simple – yet in many ways everyone’s role was multidisciplinary. Early project managers’ roles encompassed sales, strategy, project management, account management,… Continue reading Are UX roles becoming multi-disciplinary?

Digital helps Government reduce costs… really?

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I find myself thinking about Government’s desire to reduce costs by ‘going digital.’ It’s as though the very notion of something being online instantly results in reduced effort and cost and provides a useful and usable service to Citizens. In recent years, Government has seen digital as a means of reducing ‘avoidable contact’ – that… Continue reading Digital helps Government reduce costs… really?

Hack Days: What expectations do they set?

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I love Hack Days. I love them because of the anticipation, the spontaneity, the community and the creativity. They generate energy – if for a short time – around the issues they are organised to expose, and for a brief moment overcome the inertia that most people come to dread within large organisations – like… Continue reading Hack Days: What expectations do they set?

The 80:20 rule of Agile and UCD

Pareto principle or eighty-twenty rule represented on a blackboard - white chalk handwriting

I want to tackle the intersection of User-Centred Design (UCD) and Agile. I’ll start by saying I am fundamentally not an Agile detractor. I respect and appreciate the need for process to help shape and deliver complex projects. When it comes to UCD I am a strong believer in designing the ‘right’ thing for the… Continue reading The 80:20 rule of Agile and UCD

Campaigns v. Social Media

I’ve been thinking about struggles faced by marketing and comms teams and brands. Having attended quite a few unconferences, read many blogs and watched with great interest large brands struggle with social media I can acknowledge one simple truth: Campaigns are not the same as social media. But wait… that’s not big news! I just… Continue reading Campaigns v. Social Media