Prototyping as an ethos

Prototyping electronic board with some components and wires

When car manufacturers design a new automobile, they develop requirements, conduct research, draw designs, make scale models, test scale models in wind tunnels, computer model their ideas, build full-scale prototypes, test them, and iterate the designs – all of this before putting them into production. What they don’t do is go right from drawing them… Continue reading Prototyping as an ethos

No Virginia… you are NOT the user


As individuals, we have many user experiences over the course of a day. Certainly over the course of a week, month, year… indeed a lifetime. In a sense, we become experienced users over time of many things, and remain inexperienced users of many other things. In some instances we feel we can extrapolate the experience… Continue reading No Virginia… you are NOT the user

Mobile Cloud Summit

phone and cloud in hands on a blue background

On 21 September, 2011 the Mobile Cloud Summit will take place in Hoxton. It is a one-day event that will focus on how cloud-based applications delivered via smart mobile devices are transforming business and society.  It will also focus on the Mobile Cloud investment opportunity and will be an opportunity for leading IT companies, investors,… Continue reading Mobile Cloud Summit

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Tim Brown on Creativity and play – oldie but goodie

Green and Yellow Toy Foam Dart Gun on a White Background

I came across this again the other day. I’d forgotten about it – which in its own way is one of the lessons of the video. Every time we stop to play, and allow ourselves to be creative in our thinking, we all too quickly become adults in implementing it. This is a reminder not… Continue reading Tim Brown on Creativity and play – oldie but goodie

Pervasive UX – Who is Responsible?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘edges’ of user experience lately. Most projects demand tactical UX – a bit of research, some wireframes, perhaps a prototype, and some annotation. It slots neatly into place in a project process. But ‘User’ experience isn’t quite so tidy. Actual user experience is ubiquitous, pervasive. It doesn’t have… Continue reading Pervasive UX – Who is Responsible?

Alphagov musings

A few weeks before it launched, Tom Loosemore kindly invited me over for a preview of the Alphagov prototype. I was given a whirlwind tour of their agile process and some of the thinking behind their work. Not to mention a very dark – and thick – cup of coffee. Hey, I’m not complaining. I… Continue reading Alphagov musings