Tailored speaking, training, workshops

While I’ve spoken to larger groups over the years, my real passion is to engage with smaller groups, teams of people, panels or workshops where there is the benefit of more personal interaction and engagement. And though I’m not overly fond of standing in front of a large group and “talking at them”, I can do so on occasion when I feel I have material and content that I think will be interesting, engaging and entertaining.

That said, I can be available for speaking engagements – keeping the above in mind – and am able to talk across a range of subjects as they relate to digital, design, narratives and storytelling, journeys, method, organisational design of design organisations, or design leadership.

There are a lot of very good, very senior design practitioners and leaders who never speak at conferences. I know many, like myself, who spend their careers focused on practicing design and learning how to be good leaders, who continuously challenge themselves to learn new things and gain deeper understanding of the areas they practice. These are a silent majority who as craftsmen continually challenge themselves to become better, make mistakes gracefully, learn, and through constant practice, become better at their craft. You rarely hear from them, but they exist and they are deeply skilled and knowledgable.

I believe there are two kinds of speakers in our space – those who are good at researching a current, relevant topic and are naturally good speakers first and foremost – they are not necessarily deep practitioners, but they know how to present any topic. And I think there are those who are deeply experienced and passionate about what they do, who may or may not be good speakers, but whose passion carries them through. I like to think that if I am speaking about something, I am the latter as opposed to the former. I take pride in the practitioner and grafter in me. That is who you will get if you engage me to speak.

If you’ve managed to read this far and are still interested, please get in touch.