32000 words and counting

So it’s taking a while. I’m up to 32,000 words in the novel now. Time to pick up the pace. Any bets as to how long it’ll take me to get a complete draft? Based on past posts, I’d say years. But now I’m looking at a couple of months to get a full draft before the editing process begins

Novel update and a contribution

Am now nearly 25,000 words into the first novel of the trilogy I’m working on. Once again work intervened, but am now back on track and writing. I took some time in the last month to go through all of the story lines I’ve developed over the last ten or so years, and clear them up to see how my

Herring Cove, 1997

In April we stood here together when you asked me to perform this ritual. The dark waters of the Spring Atlantic chilled, gulls screeched overhead, and in the dunes, early morning – or was it late night – lovers

The actual writing

So, I’ve written about 5 chapters now – including, funnily enough, the last chapter (which is subject to change). Having spent time getting the story arcs sorted for each of the three novels has been a tremendous help. Also, writing character descriptions for the main characters has been very helpful. The actual writing is going well enough, though I’d like

Story arcs

So I’ve now developed the high-level story arcs for the 3 novels – which gives me a great deal more context for the writing I’ve already done on the first novel. I know the beginning and endings of all three novels as well. Friends have asked me about having that too defined up front. They are defined enough for me

Bits and pieces

I’m on holiday from work this week. So ideally I’d like to get some real traction. Instead I was out and about most of the day enjoying the English sun. As it’s supposed to rain for most of the rest of the week, I thought I’d enjoy it while it’s about. I have done a bit of work on characters

Getting started

So I’m not entirely at the beginning of this fiction writing journey – though I may as well be. For some time now I’ve been toying with the idea of a 3 book series. I’ve gone so far as identifying the primary characters, and had even begun writing the first few chapters. At which point I realised I didn’t know