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Being Liminal podcast

A conversational-based podcast for people interested in leadership, design, transformation and the liminal spaces that exist within and between them.

About the podcast

In 2022, friend and former colleague, Martin Dowson and I began mapping out a book exploring the liminal spaces that occur at the intersection of design, leadership and transformation.

From our work on the book, and off the back of Martin’s successful Business x Design podcast series in 2022 for Tech Circus we took the decision to conduct our research in the public domain.

In 2023 we launched the Being Liminal podcast series where we delve further into liminality at the intersection of design, leadership and transformation, and what it means to BE liminal. Our episodes are full of challenge — of ourselves and our guests.

You can visit our Being Liminal substack here:

We hope you will enjoy them!

Podcast episodes

Episode 9

7 November 2023

Guest: Bethany Jarroussié


Navigating Change as a Leader while Supporting Transformation

Episode 8

Episode 7

23 September 2023

Guest: Andy Thornton


Navigating Change with Regenerative Design and Leadership

Episode 6

5 September 2023

Co-hosts: Martin Dowson and Brian Hoadley


Leaning into Liminality - Reflecting on a necessary Pivot with the Podcast

Episode 4

17 July 2023

Guest: Cennydd Bowles

Decoding Ethical Challenges in Business Transformation

Episode 1

Episode 0

4 June 2023

Co-hosts: Martin Dowson and Brian Hoadley


An Introduction to Liminal Leaders

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