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Helping managers and leaders develop healthier practices

Building stronger practices

Research and design work inside of companies – not studios. They are subject to the same mission and strategic vision of the company as any other team across the business. Focus on craft is not an excuse to NOT focus on business. Finding a balance is important.

I have worked with many research, design and product teams over the years who develop anxiety when “the business doesn’t understand them.” If you’re feeling that, you’re not alone.

I’ve begun developing courses that help plug some of these gaps. They may seem like common sense on the surface. But you’d be surprised how many teams are so overly focused on craft and delivery that they forget to manage the “health” of their own practice.

Over the last year I have begun to develop courses to address these gaps and am able to provide:


  • Remote facilitated learning experiences

  • Remote self-directed learning experiences

  • In-person training and workshops

  • Webinars and short-form learning

Sample courses

Course material that I have recently created and delivered to in-person teams:

  • Defining stakeholder engagement strategies

  • Determining team value

  • Identifying leadership growth strategies

  • Building and delivering practice roadmaps

  • Building business cases

In 2024 I will be developing deeper, more enriched versions of these courses to offer online as a mix of moderated and unmoderated training.


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