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Getting to know me

I’m a deeply experienced Digital Leader. For the last decade I’ve held Interim and Fractional Leadership roles across Product, Research and Design. A long-time Design practitioner, I’ve led Design teams, and founded and run successful, award-winning Design agencies.

In recent years I’ve supported Lloyds Banking Group, EE, Purplebricks, Sopra Banking Software, UserZoom / UserTesting, the University of Cambridge, and others.

I support all types of clients, from practice leaders, to leaders who have inherited product, research or design practices, founders, C-suite and board members.

Areas of focus

Consultancy, Advising and Course development services.



I work with leaders to assess, improve, restructure or build digital product, research or design teams. I've created frameworks over time to help others understand the kind of work to be done and the level of commitment to complete it.

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I work with senior practice leaders, founders, C-suite or board members to better understand their digital product, research or design capabilities and develop strategies for improving them.

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I provide Courses for mid to senior-level Research and Design managers and leaders to help them create healthier, more mature practices.


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How I work

As a consultant, I work with clients either independently or as part of a virtual team, which I can assemble, or work with the client to create. Clients can engage with me on an individual project basis or as a fractional leader.

For courses, clients can either purchase, or subscribe to pre-made courses, or I can work with them to create a custom course for them and their teams.

When acting in an advisory capacity, clients generally purchase a block of time and draw down against it*.

I work through my consultancy, Kreate Change.


* Time block purchases need to be consumed within 6 months of purchase.


Latest podcast

Listen to the latest Being Liminal podcast episode with Ben Reason, founder and Group Director of Livework studio.

Get in touch

Located in London, United Kingdom

Consult for clients globally (remote)

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