What I do

Experience Design

Engineer, storyteller and designer, I focus on experiences that feel human and personal to users and Customers. Good design should make things simple and delightful to use and experience. I enjoy working to humanise the experience.

Design capability development

I’ve set-up and run design agencies, built new capabilities for clients, and re-structured design and CX teams. I use a broad mix of design, method and people management skills to improve the overall experience for humans.

Mentor, Advisor, NED

With twenty years of experience in the design of digital services and products, founding and led design agencies, and having worked from start-up to Enterprise, I bring a great deal of experience and design thinking to your team.

About me

I’m a digital strategist, service and UX designer, organisational designer, director and founder with over 20 years experience.

I have launched and run US/UK design agencies, designed digital products and services for US, European and Asian markets, run CX, Research and Design teams for independents, group agencies, and led Research, CX and Design teams for the BBC, UK Government, Lloyds Banking Group, EE (BT Group), and others.

I’ve worked across many different sectors, bringing a rich design background, deep knowledge of digital product and service design and Customer engagement, and creative thinking to my clients. Using skills as engineer, storyteller and designer I am able to articulate design vision to my clients for the benefit of their Customers and users.